Social Girl – Love Meeting New People?

Do you crave to be fashion crazy, on the run, to get out of your cloak? Want to have a fan, make new friends and meet people with varied personalities, all while checking out, what it’s like to have a boyfriend who loves and pampers you to the moon and back? Social Girl is the ultimate destination where it’s all happens!!


Social Girl is a free MMO Virtual World Simulation game developed and designed by Crowdstar Inc, specifically for iOS devices like IPad, IPhones.It is primarily all about fashion and dating themes blended beautifully with social gaming elements. The game allows you to experience various facets in the garb of an incredibly popular girl who wants to live a glitzy social and fashionable life.


  • It helps to define and reshape your own avatar/character.
  • The character’s appearance can range from a demure girl, femme fatale to a rebellious firebrand.
  • It allows designing and stylizing each and every aspect that concerns you, starting from your looks, outfits, fashion statements, shopping experiences
  • It also sets new lifestyle trends, decorating the place and bedrooms you live in, through a world of vogue defined by your own creativity.
  • It makes you have a blast as you skilfully keep on making new buddies with the coolest girls’ gang in town and engage in endless gossip sessions.
  • It can also get you to experience new relationships with the best match, sometimes even with famous personalities and public figures.
  • It engages in completing quests as you go on memorable dates with that perfect guy of your choice, exchange gifts and pleasantries and doing much more with your boyfriend.
  • It also inspires you networking with other online players, match and play different games and fun activities and engages in hip-n-happening events, parties, gossips, concerts hang outs with friends.
  • It gives you a chance to go ahead for a creative photo shoot. It lets you imagine yourself to be celebrity-like through the viewfinder of the camera at all times.
  • Two types of currencies are used in the game namely coins and diamonds.


Best feature of this game always lies in fitting you in wearing different designer colourful outfits; explore a plethora of outfits, make-up trends and hair dos that galvanize your friends and dates towards no less admiring you.

In short, this virtual world propels girls to create their own interactive live story and form a fantastic imagery they would like to have in real terms.

Other compatibilities and specifications:

  • Social Girl is available with in-app purchases for additional diamonds and currency coins.
  • The game requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with all the coolest generation of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.
  • The game is associated with Game Center which permits you to accomplish once you create a character and then log in with your name and password.
  • Its quick start guide will support you with the numerous findings and detailed information on how to play the best game.

Smeet – Your 3D Social Game

Smeet is a 3D computer graphics based social networking game application that runs on a free browser. The application is developed by Smeet Communications, Berlin and founded in 2007. Smeet incorporates casual and social gaming adventures and conjures up virtual worlds in which various players can meet and communicate with their own avatars. In January 2017, Smeet has reached around 20 million registered subscriptions worldwide, who are constantly exploring this virtual reality available in 8 different languages.


Expectations from the game Smeet :

  • Free-to-Play , socially interactive browser game
  • Meet friends and other real people
  • Fully customizable avatars and characters
  • Other sophisticated inbuilt mini games

Technical know-hows:

In sharp contrast to other virtual life games, Smeet is completely based on a browser that has to support Flash; hence there is no need to download. Users can create an account, sign up on the destination page or get online via Facebook page. Users are then directed to a nationalized sub domain depending on their IP-address. Users in the same age group are maintained, thereby not mixing adults and minors.

The application is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above.

Main features and attributes :


  • Smeet’s unique 3D online worldallows users to create, design and modify their avatars to one’s own heart’s content.
  • It lets your creativity run wild in building and beautifying your fabricated3D home,
  • It invokes seasonal fashion and clothing styles and promotion of personal care like skin and hair treatments
  • It helps to performing playful household chores
  • It domesticates virtual pets, fantasy creatures, watering of plants, see them grow over time , etc
  • For those who are keen to savour the more extravagant, fanciful side of life, have options to purchase premium drool worthy contents with the in-game currency, sMeet coins.
  • It brings into foray a wide range of integrated browser games, casual cool games, and fun-filled Flash games and themed quizzes.
  • It enables you to play these games or quizzes with your friends, reach or overcome their scores, gather tons of points (Fame points) and prizes and go up the new higher levels, reach the highest scores, gain a heightened social status, and receive additional content from a variety of options and styles to design your own Avatar.
  • While not playing games, you can connect with your friends, using real phones in the midst of a game
  • You can log into the 3D chat community or public hang-outs, catch up with old acquaintances, or interact with a new real live group.
  • You can visit and watch online events and videos in a group, hit recreation clubs with friends you feel like going out, and enjoy various live events.
  • Chilling-out while listening to radio and music with mates.

There are a variety of possibilities which can be explored to garner partnerships with Smeet to impart users and customers with a unique interactive entertainment and communication experience. Major Smeet partners currently in the reckoning are Playbbg, qmpeople and Sponsorpay.

Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour

Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour is an online game developed and designed by 365 Games. This game is all about proving one’s fashion sense and credentials to design outfits worthy on the ramp.It aims at helping the “Once-Obscure” but well-known fashion designer Jojo, in her travals, to fulfil her dreams and aspirations, to rebuild the global fashion empire that she ruled and dominated years back.

Approximately 162 users have punched ratingson an average of 3 out of 5 for Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour. Currently more than 10000 players are hooked onto the game.


Context and back-drop:

  • Travel back in time by 20 years.
  • Jojo Cruz was the most celebrated and prolific designer in the world of fashion.
  • After an almost meteoric rise, she suddenly disappeared into oblivion.
  • She retired from the runway and the public-glare to raise her daughter and run her own small boutique.
  • It was during this time, her former assistant, the mercilessly ambitious and manipulative Claudio Maximiro, ventured into the fashion territory.
  • He also took the world by storm and skyrocketed to international fame and recognition.
  • Fast forward to the current.
  • Jojo’s daughter Rosalindhas convinced her mother to make the much awaited illustrious come-back.
  • With Rosalind, now being her assistant, Jojo is poised to invade upon the fashion planet again,with her years of immense expertise and past accomplishment.
  • Does she still have it in her, that exemplary aptitude perception of mixing and matching clothes that earned her the moniker, Mistress of Mix?
  • That is what this game focuses on.

The game is all about helping Jojo storm back into the fashion sphere, with racks and shelves,full of vibrant trendy clothes and stunning lifelike models.

It centres around her tryst inrendering one-after-another,stupendously popular game and overwhelming fashion shows,from New York to Paris to Milan and from Japan to Barcelona, all across the world with spirited aplomb and regained self-confidence.

Salient features of the game are as follows:

  • The game spans worldwide from Tokyo to New York to Paris and elsewhere with at least 40 levels across 8 cities.
  • It has a reservoir of an ensemble comprising of 10 gorgeous clothing essentials and withracks full of vibrant attires and glad rags.
  • It enables to create and design outfits forgood-looking and attractive new modelsthat strutelegantlyon runways in the hottest new styles and setting the ramp ablaze.
  • It helps to fabricate your own signature styles by improving upon fashion IQ and enhancing the style mantra.
  • It conjures up new characters and interesting storylines; centred on issues of betrayals, espionage, love triangles which are widespread in the fashion business.
  • It also allows enjoying all the exciting news on the everlasting glitz and glamour quotients and the dark shady sides of the international fashion industry.

Technical specifications

  • The latest version is 1.0.8.
  • Game App size is 5MB
  • System requirements
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • CPU: 800Mhz
    • RAM : 256 MB
  • Support Android Version from 2.1 and later
  • User features app requires the device screen to use the portrait or landscape orientation.

Franktown Rocks – Make Friends, Make Music

Franktown Rocks is a free to play virtual music-based kids genre game developed as a flagship property by Brainwave Studios LLC, headquartered at Franklin, TN. Ibff_friendst is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) aimed at engaging kids between the age group from 8 to 12 years while lazing around the mythical city of Franktown. The game promises to elicit an impressive musical experience by playing your favourite instruments and through playing a lot of fun games.

It’s been praised by Parents magazine as one of the “best of the next generation” of junior social networking sites.

This friend-zone promises to be safe, educational and a cute crowd-pleaser, helping and encouraging kids to meet friends, learn about music and other fundamentals through an eclectic mix of songs, games, videos, and virtual-world play. has a vast player base of 2.5 million and growing daily ever since and building up an enormous community base.

Gameplay Hallmarks are as follows:

Franktown Rocks

  • Create and customize your own online avatar/character using the character manager panel and dress it up in style and panache to look unique among others.
  • It facilitates you to create your own room and furnish it with lots of decorations and adornments.
  • It also allows you to invite friends to visit your abode, organize parties, dance with fellow members and enliven an all-new, upto-the-minute virtual experience.
  • Participants drive and walk around the city of Franktown, engage in various mini-games and complete a number of quests for the residents of Franktown, use the earned coins money to unlock additional stuff like new clothing items, musical instruments and house essentials.
  • Distinctive safety aspect incorporates into zero tolerance of cyber bullying, cheating, swearing and ensures that children can play the game safely.
  • Parents are empowered to customise chat options and choose the individuals and community their children can be involved with. Thus the game tries to promote a cooperative and friendly community.
  • Forbidden topics related to drugs, sex, and alcohol, racism that are inappropriate for children are being kept constantly under the scanner.
  • It has an impeccable ability to listen to music, putting them into your playlist and permitting you to listen to them whilst at some movie theatres or music stores.
  • The game has simple point and click controls for navigation around the various locations from the city map.
  • Social elements embedded into the game allow users to interact with fellow players, through online chat sessions, hang out virtually with like-minded people and make umpteen new friends from almost every part of the world.
  • Participants take part in Players can make music, watch favourite videos, drive around in all kinds of vehicles, adopt and raise pets, adorn them up in beautiful costumes.
  • Franktown Rocks also offers important features such as Virtual World, Parents Control, Quests and Exploration.

Other Specifications:

  • The game is absolutely free to play.
  • However premium subscriptions are also available ranging from monthly passes, one year passes to even lifetime passes.
  • The same can be purchased in game currency as well.
  • User needs to create new login or character from website
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player 10 and above
  • Requires Android Version 4.0 and above

Doll And The City – Free Dressup Game for Girls

doll city

Doll and the City is a unique dress-up game. If you love playing with dolls and enjoy beautifying and dressing them up, you will surely end up loving “Doll and the City” game.



Features of  Doll And The City:

  • One can choose a doll –male or female.
  • Apply make-up, hairstyle and other style quotients.
  • Go on a shopping spree for the doll’s beauty requirements and other necessities.
  • Dressing up the doll with fabulously designed clothes and accessories.
  • Decorate the house in which the doll resides.
  • Make new friends through community on boarding.
  • Acquiring a relevant job for the doll or earning City Dollars – the game’s resident currency.

The doll can choose from a wide variety of jobs which are as follows

  • babysitter,
  • hairstylist,
  • makeup artist,
  • secretary,
  • fashion designer


With the completion of various tasks and subsequent achievement of pre-defined goals and milestones, you’ll be enabled to move up the ladder through the game’s gradual levels. This will empower you to unravel new fun features, scopes and opportunities associated with that new level.

The game, also calls to explore golden chances and possibilities to earn more City Dollars and Fame Points; which eventually will qualify you to ultimately level up to the maximum rank and attain VIP status to amass even more benefits like access to discounts on doll clothing, furniture, upholsteries, furnishings, rooms and lifestyle essentials and much more.

Ways to win City Dollars, include the following:

  • Sending the doll to a work-assignment
  • Participating in on-site games, scratch cards and promotional contests
  • Displaying a Doll and The City banner on your personal website or blog
  • Entering into contests and qualifying through them
  • Through a payment via sms, TrialPay,Offerpal,Sponsopay or Supersonic Ads

By playing the game you also become eligible for earning Fame Points, which are granted to the player for each of the days one accesses the game. 10 Fame Points per day of game play is usually the rate at which these points are allocated.

It also gives in additional opportunities to rake in more Fame Points when you execute certain specified actions, like dressing your doll in a new ensemble, adorning a new make-up and hairstyle to your doll, partaking in contests and finding a suitable job for the doll.


Technical Specifications:

Contrary to other virtual life games, Doll and the City is completely based on a browser that has to support Flash Player 10; hence there is no need to download. The website uses JavaScript which thus needs to be installed enabled in the web-browser. Users can create an account, sign up at or keep in touch via its Facebook page.

The application is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above.

Website Content Main page layout

The website incorporates clear-cut information and guidelines on FAQs (many of which are mentioned before ) as stated below:

  1. How to create your doll?
  2. How to go for shopping in the city?
  3. How to dress up your Doll?
  4. How to earn and bag City dollars?
  5. How to score Fame points?
  6. What are the various levels?
  7. What is the available job market?
  8. How to create communities?

Poptropica Review: Online Role-Playing Game

Poptropica: a fun filled harmless games for kids and teenagers

poptropica logoPoptropica is a free online game designed for children between 6-15 years of age. In this game a player goes on a quest across different islands. In this role playing game, the principal character is to be created and is completely customizable. The name of this character is selected from a list that combines a noun and an adjective. This virtual game is played in Poptropica website.

This online game developed by Jeff Kinney is immensely popular with over 10 million players. In this game the players travel through islands named Big Nate, Wild West, Red Dragon and so on, navigating obstacles and solving problems. On overcoming these challenges, players are given credits with which they might buy gold cards or costumes. These costumes might be bought from Poptropica Shop which also sells books and other special abilities.

Customizer’ feature enables players to put on new outfits designed on different characters of Poptropica game. In the course for their quest, players might meet in ‘multiverses’, or specially designed rooms for chatting or exchanging ideas.


How to Play Poptropica?

To begin, the website of Poptropica needs to be accessed. For beginning to play, you should click on ‘play now’ button. Then a character should be created with which your quest begins across islands and overcoming challenges. For creating your character you need to select age and gender and thereafter adjust your physical appearance. Names of different islands appear on your screen, and for beginning your pursuit one of these islands is to be chosen. When the cursor is moved above your character (or avatar), it jumps; and if its clicked below, your avatar ducks.


Each island has its distinctive obstacles and challenges which change depending on your age. These obstacles need to be cleared either by jumping or ducking. Some items might be needed to be picked up by running through them. Picking up of items should be done by clicking on backpack icon. Once all the challenges in an island are overcome a medal is earned that offers island specific privileges to your character.

After each quest is completed you earn credit points that might be used for buying dresses and special effects. As you continue with your journey you could make new friends with other players at ‘multiverses’. These friends could be added to your list for future reference. For quitting, the ‘save’ icon appearing on lower right corner should be clicked. For resumption, user name and password are to be entered.

Poptropica Game Details:

  • Game was created by ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ author Jeff Kennedy in 2007 and developed by Pearson Education’s Family Education network;
  • Current version is 2.28.71;
  • Operating System: Android 4.1 and upwards, or iOS 8.0 and upwards;
  • Size: 110 MB;
  • Last update on 22nd June, 2017;
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Poptropica is a hugely popular game across nations and is appreciated because of its non-violent nature and harmless fun.

Stardom: The A-List Review

stardom logoStardom: The A-List is a simulation game developed by Glu Mobile and playable on Android, iPad, and iPhone platforms. It was introduced in 2011 December using freemium business model. Though the game is free, players might use their Google Play or iTunes accounts for making in-game purchases of currency for buying special items thereby making the game easier.

In this game, the main character is created by the player similar to Lady Popular game. The game starts with this character moving to a rundown locality of a town. He or she gets introduced to a coffee shop where it is possible to work in exchange of cash. This character then chances upon a celebrity for supposedly flirting with the celebrity’s partner. Thereafter, this character hooks up with Arnie, a talent scout, to work in small budget films and commercials. The main character then discovers Charlene, an associate of Arnie, to work as the manager. As time passes this character gains popularity and begins receiving calls for performing in Broadway, New York City.

The character gradually becomes a superstar, and goes to the best parties in town, visits upscale restaurants, leading institutions, and film studios. Slowly and surely a set of admirers is created and the character ultimately becomes rich and famous.

Stardom Game Features

stardom features

The salient features of Stardom free game are:

  • The principal character is totally customizable, and could be made up with latest style and fashion;
  • Entire Hollywood is owned by you with its film studios, clubs, and restaurants;
  • You could party in the best venues, stay in any exotic place of your choice, and dump or date any celebrity as to your liking;
  • Make an invitation to friends for exclusive parties, make them co-stars, and feature among the top 100 famous personalities;
  • Work on-set for earning a 5-star performance, get outstanding reviews, and have a huge fan following.

The game is free and players might purchase additional stars and cash or even earn currency through special offers. However this facility of purchasing in-game contents might be opted out.

Technical details of Stardom: The A-List

  • Size – 29MB;
  • Operating System – Android 2.1;
  • Latest version – 2.1.8;
  • Open network;
  • Access vibration feature;
  • Access information of networks;
  • Access information of Wi-Fi networks;
  • Integrated PowerManager WakeLocks to prevent screen from dimming or processor from sleeping;
  • Enables sending of in-application billing and managing these billing transactions;
  • ‘Read only’ access to device state;
  • Notification of finished booting by operating system;
  • Writing capability to external storage;
  • Verification of Google App Entitlements

Stardom: The A-List is a hugely popular game among teenagers and young adults. The uniqueness about this game is that every setting is life like and does not appear fictional. Every move seems natural and involvement of the player is total. It transports the player to a much fantasized film world and stardom. The glitz, fan following, parties, film studios, penthouses, and restaurants all appear real.

The IMVU Network

Graphics make the internet popular. It is through this design that many people became ‘suckers’ in net working. Designing your own page, the colorful images that you see on the social media sites and photoshoot of entertainment news, events and headlines are the internet’s support to be loved by all.

Creating web pages need a detailed and accurate plan to make it effective to your targeted audience. Audiences are choosy, they always like something new. New productions, a new graphics that they have never seen it before, should be created, to get their attention.

Many creators owning companies have come out to meet the demands of the public. The competition was very strong because day by day, new commerce will come out in the open- market to be developers of the web. Today, the most popular company have arisen that others can’t beat because of its genius productions, and this is the IMVU company.

IMVU is a social networking company created in 2004. They are located in Mountain View, California, United States. You can search them in their web link:

The company is invested by Bridgescale Partners, Menlo Ventures, Best Buy Capital and Allegis Capital. These members of this company are using 3D avatars to create, play and chat with new people. This is also their way to communicate with the public. The users of this site have reached more than 4 million.

The IMVU have their own trades. Their third billing property comes in tokens. These tokens are purchased through their promo-credits. These are bought by online transactions. You can also avail their tokens by using gift cards that are bought in retail stores.

The use of their developer tokens is done by buying internet images to get attention to members or audiences. These images consist of fads like clothes, accessories, hair, and skin. Images that contain pets and 3D scenes like clubs, open landscapes, and homes.

Most of the IMVU members are creators of a content. They create their own homepage and design it by purchasing images through IMVU. Most of the members of the group are founders of social media sites. They design and style their media website for the community and society who are interested to join in a club medias.

The Company’s Acquisition

In January 2015, IMVU got their Furaffinity web. This achievement is open to all sites where you can have random images to choose from. Through this furaffinity, many communities have joined and access the production. This helps the different website to link together that have the same purpose of creation.

The content of your web needs to be unique. You have to own a live chat to make your business known and accessible by others. There is a need for you to create a really nice style so to advertise the durability of your goods. Creating a company on the web would mean popularity for your business all over the globe. Be excellent in your customary creation to get people buzzing on your homepage.

Lady Popular – Amazing Casual Game

Lady Popular is a fashion (dress-up) casual game with a Bulgarian XS Software developer which was released in November 2009. It was created in 21 languages and you can find it at this site:

How To Play Lady Popular:

At the start of the game, the player will choose a “lady” to identify herself as a gamer. Then the player can style the lady through its makeup, hairstyle and any other form of appearances available in the game. The gamer can choose a style to the ‘lady’s’ outfit, hire a house and design it according to her liking.

The users can also share with other gamers while they are playing. They can chat and make comments with others when their ‘lady’ will go to her clubs, parties, doing duels at her Fashion hall. There will be a competitive game with “the most excellent” in all features of the game in terms of their apartment, beautiful lady, and party.

Before you can play the game, you must first register on the site. After registering, you can see tutorials on how the game will be played. A setting is also shown and there is also achievement rewards for your successful quests.

Features of Lady Popular Game:

City. This is where the gaming place is held. In the city, you can find many buildings like a beauty salon, malls, club, pet shop, party center, furniture shop and the Carnival. They can also apply for jobs where the ‘lady’ can have her own dollars.

Fashion Arena. In this point, they can get cash for their shopping activities. The player can level up to the next phase. Their lady can also choose from the many other players to compete with their popularity which is evaluated by their beauty, loyalty, style, devotion, creativity, and generosity.

Podium Challenge. In this game, contests are held every week or in a monthly duration. The ladies will compete with the most admired apartment, lady, and pets. In the fashion arena, the player does not compete with the most beautiful pet but rather it will be the most amazing party.

There are voting lots here from other players. It is here where the players will determine their rank, based on the highest number of votes from other players who voted for them. After the rewards are given, the challenge will reset back to ‘0’ votes, ready for the next contest.

Lady Clubs. Players joined with groups which will lead by the president of the club. The leader will then choose their opponent clubs to compete with the bonuses of the game and fight the opponent to get their trophy and bonuses of the enemies.

Parties. This is a party for the engagement of the lady. The players can create and design their own invitations. They can choose players they wanted to invite in their celebration. They can also use the ‘chats and vote’ activities of the game.

In fixing their parties, they can decorate the rooms, choose foods and drinks for catering and the players can even choose the outfit for their Lady and her fiancé.

Achievements of ‘Lady Popular’:

This game has won many awards. They became the first rank in being the best browser and the favorite community game in the years of 2010, 2011 and 2012. However, in 2013, they only won the best browser award. They also excel on other awards like the most popular and best in 2D from other casual games.