BooniePlanet Review – Game of Boonie Family

Boonie planet is a game where you can take care of your own Boonie family. You can also collect different creatures and have to face various challenges. Your main motive is to create a legendary Boonie family which will be admired throughout the planet. Download the game from itunes.

You can also adopt various Bonnies which will help you in fighting Battles. These Bonnies can also be dressed up according to your choice.

When you install the game, you will be able to visit the Boonie planet for the first time where you can hatch the egg and get your first Boonie. You have to collect as much Boonies as you can. And you can get these bodies by exploring the planet and hatching more and more eggs.

To be more experience points and increase your level in the game you have to take care of your Boonies and must keep them happy.

You can visit the store or plazas of the planet in order to buy new and different dresses for your Boonies. You can also share the look with the world and climb up on the leaderboard. You can use functions and crystals to buy the accessories and dresses.

Lets discuss some of the things that you can experience in BooniePlanet.

  • You can take care of the families need and have to keep them happy by providing them proper sleep, food another utility.
  • And you to the availability of the cute creatures in the game it will attract you.
  • The build-up of the game is so beautiful that you will be addicted to this game in a very short period of time.
  • In this game, you can also fight various battles which makes it a lot more exciting.
  • Find and explore the hideout for new Boonies and Treasures.
  • Upgrade your body is and equipped done with new and powerful skills.
  • In order to find the legendary bonnies unlock the rare and legendary Boonies hideouts and collect the jeweled key.
  • All these things you can experience in full HD.

These are some of the things that will attract you towards this game.


You can enjoy this game real friends as well by inviting them for a Boonie race. You can compete with your friends in cute little cars.

Different Worlds

You can also Discover various molds in this game for discovering new and unique bonnies. All you have to do is fight a battle with other bonnies by using their superpowers.

Dress up your Bonnie and show off to your friends in order to go to the top of the leaderboard. You can also chat with your friends in private messages. This cute little game is very productive and provides lots of activities. It is suitable for the people looking for a dress up games and also for people who like fighting games. This game is a small bundle of excitement for the people. And you to the availability of various activities in this game you will never get bored of it.