Club Cooee – Free Game MMO

Club Cooee is a 3D social networking website where millions of virtual users from all across the world meet, communicate and interact in specialized user-created rooms. Users entertain, in their uniquely designed and styled 3D avatars in chat room and messaging sessions, setup boutiques to design and sell their creations, have whirlwind parties, attend dance and music jamborees, visit happening clubs with boundless deejaying, compete in quizzes and dress-up competitions, and socialize and flirt with friends. This universally acclaimed website is founded and published in 2007 by experienced game experts Ingo Frick and Alexander Jorias of Cooee Gmbh based in Germany.

Club Cooee is the quintessential next gen messaging service that paints up a visual, emotional and personal experience to standard chatting. It collaborates on the key advantages of messenger concept with those of a simple and user friendly virtual 3D world with palpable community functions in one small application.

Clue Cooee has got a great deal of offers to love and choose from, and an enormous community which makes it to one of the great virtual environments amidst awesome fun, action and adventure.

Basic Summary and gameplay:

  • Sleek application that runs smoothly on top of your desktop/laptop.
  • Sports an instinctive and quick interface with nice-looking graphics.
  • Embedded with loads of funny exhilarating 3D graphic styles and design.
  • Helps in creating your own music alongside a DJ component.
  • Gives ample options to decorate your Club Cooee home.
  • Helps to implant websites, pictures, videos, music in different forms.

Club Cooee Characteristics and Guide

  • Engage in thrilling 3D chat sessions either in private or in groups.
  • Users are not only confined text chat but also sport the ability to attach external pictures and videos.
  • Users can also have meetings in specially defined rooms like virtual restaurants or conference corners.
  • Each user is assigned a room that they can decorate using diverse in-game items, like televisions, refrigerators and furnitures.
  • Dance and groove to sick beats in hip and happening clubs.
  • Enjoy the cosy experience of dream dates in romantic places.
  • Chilling on an amazing beach surrounded by palm groves.
  • Adopt cute and cuddly pets like butterflies and cats.
  • User can customize their own physical appearance
  • Dress-up and style your avatar in hot tops, crisp shirts, boss accessories & cool gadgets using Club Cooee credits.
  • Traipse into happening glitzy parties and take part in deejaying contests.
  • Users get to spend extra buying credits to purchase virtual goods and other premium services.
  • Users get rewarded with badges for solving various tasks allocated to them.
  • Users also get to earn achievement levels by winning more Cooee points.

Technical specifications:

Club Cooee client is configured for Windows OS and Android. Users can create an account sign up on the destination page or get online via its Facebook or Twitter page.

Say Goodbye to boredom and monotony! Chat, Experience and Explore through this invigorating chat community of Club Cooee.