City Girl Life – Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

Fashion, Fame, Fortune and Friends!! Bring in the fever and fervour to travel to the city of your unlimited dreams, New York, to enliven the exuberance of the life and realize your life’s objectives and aspirations getting clinched and fulfilled. If this sounds exciting, you might as well try to check out and explore “City Girl Life”, an online simulation game, architectured and optimized by game developers RockYou.The game incorporates a step by step guide and gameplay tips to aim and achieve someone’s mission, vision and fantasies and hit the bull’s eye. You can play the city game life at facebook apps here –

The essence of the game is described in a nutshell as follows:

  • Move out from a small little sleepy hamlet to the big city to pursue your ambitions and dreams, make efforts in realizing them to achievements.
  • Rent a not-so-spacious apartment of your very own and design and decorate it to your heart’s content with lots of love, care and warmth.
  • Get a job by choosing from a wide range of different professions for your character and express to the world your mettle and spunk.
  • It’s you who is to decide upon a career either in the entertainment industry or turning into a famous superstar is what you’re running after.
  • Like in other role-playing games, here also the character needs to compete in tasks and earn rewards with experience points.
  • This will push you up by various levels and help you to unlock valuable rewards like a bigger and better wardrobe.
  • The game allows you to engage in networking with friends and send gifts and invitations to neighbours who in turn shower you too with gifts galore.
  • Keep yourself occupied in a specific craft, hone your skills and expertise to play special quests and make a glorious name for yourself among peers.


With bags and baggages in hand, it’s that time of your life , which  makes you crave to leave behind your small-town girl life and come to the big New York city to fulfil your goals and aspirations in life. The game helps you understand, if it’s there in you, to what it takes, to rise rapidly to stardom, by performing to the best of your potentials? To commemorate and celebrate the spirit of Sorority Life, players need to engross themselves in an ultra-modern, trendsetting virtual world full of desires and longings, working their way up the ladder of rank, through umpteen careers traces, self-owned or rented apartment refurbishings and adding daily dose of blazing ramp walks in fashion fiestas. Thus from a grungy non-descript studio apartment to a luxurious and sprawling Park Avenue penthouse, from the overworked, stressed out and tired intern to successful affluent CEO of a reputed corporate house, from being a small-town clodhopper to the ubiquitous and ultimate glamorous persona, City Girl will keep the players hooked onto the game with rapt attention and make them come back again and again with impressive repeat factors.

General Game Play

Other Specifications:

  • The game is absolutely free to play.
  • However premium subscriptions are also available
  • The same can be purchased in game currency as well.
  • User needs to create new login or character from website
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player 10.3.0 and above
  • Requires Android Version 4.0 and above
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