Doll And The City – Free Dressup Game for Girls

doll city

Doll and the City is a unique dress-up game. If you love playing with dolls and enjoy beautifying and dressing them up, you will surely end up loving “Doll and the City” game.

Features of  Doll And The City:

  • One can choose a doll –male or female.
  • Apply make-up, hairstyle and other style quotients.
  • Go on a shopping spree for the doll’s beauty requirements and other necessities.
  • Dressing up the doll with fabulously designed clothes and accessories.
  • Decorate the house in which the doll resides.
  • Make new friends through community on boarding.
  • Acquiring a relevant job for the doll or earning City Dollars – the game’s resident currency.

The doll can choose from a wide variety of jobs which are as follows

  • babysitter,
  • hairstylist,
  • makeup artist,
  • secretary,
  • fashion designer


With the completion of various tasks and subsequent achievement of pre-defined goals and milestones, you’ll be enabled to move up the ladder through the game’s gradual levels. This will empower you to unravel new fun features, scopes and opportunities associated with that new level.

The game, also calls to explore golden chances and possibilities to earn more City Dollars and Fame Points; which eventually will qualify you to ultimately level up to the maximum rank and attain VIP status to amass even more benefits like access to discounts on doll clothing, furniture, upholsteries, furnishings, rooms and lifestyle essentials and much more.

Ways to win City Dollars, include the following:

  • Sending the doll to a work-assignment
  • Participating in on-site games, scratch cards and promotional contests
  • Displaying a Doll and The City banner on your personal website or blog
  • Entering into contests and qualifying through them
  • Through a payment via sms, TrialPay,Offerpal,Sponsopay or Supersonic Ads

By playing the game you also become eligible for earning Fame Points, which are granted to the player for each of the days one accesses the game. 10 Fame Points per day of game play is usually the rate at which these points are allocated.

It also gives in additional opportunities to rake in more Fame Points when you execute certain specified actions, like dressing your doll in a new ensemble, adorning a new make-up and hairstyle to your doll, partaking in contests and finding a suitable job for the doll.

Technical Specifications:

Contrary to other virtual life games, Doll and the City is completely based on a browser that has to support Flash Player 10; hence there is no need to download. The website uses JavaScript which thus needs to be installed enabled in the web-browser. Users can create an account, sign up at or keep in touch via its Facebook page.

The application is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above.

Website Content Main page layout

The website incorporates clear-cut information and guidelines on FAQs (many of which are mentioned before ) as stated below:

  1. How to create your doll?
  2. How to go for shopping in the city?
  3. How to dress up your Doll?
  4. How to earn and bag City dollars?
  5. How to score Fame points?
  6. What are the various levels?
  7. What is the available job market?
  8. How to create communities?
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