Franktown Rocks

Franktown Rocks – Make Friends, Make Music

Franktown Rocks is a free to play virtual music-based kids genre game developed as a flagship property by Brainwave Studios LLC, headquartered at Franklin, TN. It is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) aimed at engaging kids between the age group from 8 to 12 years while lazing around the mythical city of Franktown. The game promises to elicit an impressive musical experience by playing your favourite instruments and through playing a lot of fun games.

It’s been praised by Parents magazine as one of the “best of the next generation” of junior social networking sites.

This friend-zone promises to be safe, educational and a cute crowd-pleaser, helping and encouraging kids to meet friends, learn about music and other fundamentals through an eclectic mix of songs, games, videos, and virtual-world play. has a vast player base of 2.5 million and growing daily ever since and building up an enormous community base.

Gameplay Hallmarks are as follows:


  • Create and customize your own online avatar/character using the character manager panel and dress it up in style and panache to look unique among others.
  • It facilitates you to create your own room and furnish it with lots of decorations and adornments.
  • It also allows you to invite friends to visit your abode, organize parties, dance with fellow members and enliven an all-new, upto-the-minute virtual experience.
  • Participants drive and walk around the city of Franktown, engage in various mini-games and complete a number of quests for the residents of Franktown, use the earned coins money to unlock additional stuff like new clothing items, musical instruments and house essentials.
  • Distinctive safety aspect incorporates into zero tolerance of cyber bullying, cheating, swearing and ensures that children can play the game safely.
  • Parents are empowered to customise chat options and choose the individuals and community their children can be involved with. Thus the game tries to promote a cooperative and friendly community.
  • Forbidden topics related to drugs, sex, and alcohol, racism that are inappropriate for children are being kept constantly under the scanner.
  • It has an impeccable ability to listen to music, putting them into your playlist and permitting you to listen to them whilst at some movie theatres or music stores.
  • The game has simple point and click controls for navigation around the various locations from the city map.
  • Social elements embedded into the game allow users to interact with fellow players, through online chat sessions, hang out virtually with like-minded people and make umpteen new friends from almost every part of the world.
  • Participants take part in Players can make music, watch favourite videos, drive around in all kinds of vehicles, adopt and raise pets, adorn them up in beautiful costumes.
  • Franktown Rocks also offers important features such as Virtual World, Parents Control, Quests and Exploration.

Other Specifications:

  • The game is absolutely free to play.
  • However premium subscriptions are also available ranging from monthly passes, one year passes to even lifetime passes.
  • The same can be purchased in game currency as well.
  • User needs to create new login or character from website
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player 10 and above
  • Requires Android Version 4.0 and above
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