Gaia Online – Online Hangout, Gaming and a Virtual World.

Gaia Online is an English game focussing on an animation themed, social networking based website. It was founded initially as Go-Gaia in February 2003 and was later rechristened as GaiaOnline in 2004 by its owner, Gaia Interactive. Gaia originally spearheaded as an animation link list which later formed a community, then a social gaming website and finally converged into a forum where over a million posts get punched and viewed regularly. Gaia’s highly prolific virtual zone ranks as the second largest forum-based community on the Internet, having over 440 million posts (plus over 350 million in storage), over 26 million registered users. An average of approx. 20,000 users is reported online at any given instant of time during the day on Gaia’s website.

Gaia also has in its credit the 2007 Webware 100 award in the Community category. It was ranked as one of the Top50 best websites in Time Magazine in in the year 2008. It also bagged the prestigious Mashable Best User experience Award in the year 2010.

The site primarily is centred around its forums , avatars, currencies and is gradually  expanding to include various other features such as games (slotscards, and fishing), Gaia Towns homes and marketplaces.

The website comprises of three main aspects:

  1. Dress up
  2. Forum
  3. Games

Exploring Gaia’s features

  • One can create its own fantastic virtual character or avatar and attain citizenship in this weird and wonderful world.
  • It allows you to personalize your entire persona or avatar by creating your own style with ample clothing items, accessories, pets, and weapons located in virtual shops and stores using appropriate site currencies, Gaia Gold and Gaia Cash.
  • The customizations usually start with choosing the principal characteristics of the avatar like gender, complexion, eyes, mouth, and hair style, race(e.g. human, vampire, elf) etc.
  • Avatars either station themselves alongside typical posts in the forums and other profile comments, or act as a movable character traveling in different places in Gaia Town and executing various activities like fishing, catching bugs, shaking trees, collection flowers, discovering hidden treasures etc.
  • Users accomplish earning Gaia Gold by engaging in chat sessions and forums on a plethora of topics like animes, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, politics, fashion trends or life in general.
  • You can be little more adventurous and start meeting people and making new friends, join them in the available pool of minigames like fishing, pinball, jigsaw puzzles, racing and more.
  • There are plenty of places to hang out with friends or solo, move around freely in towns or in rallies, start-up chat sessions and post status updates and be a part of millions of members in this huge forum community.
  • Forums are public messaging platforms, having many varieties like discussions on general topics, gradually expanding Gaia community, casual lifestyle related conversations, role playing options, entertainment, discussions on games and artist contributions.
  • Forums can also be used for buying and selling goods, art commissions and thread-making services, which allow users to make threads while following on the discussion, add polls and votes to the threads and generate gold.
  • Currencies used in Gaia are primarily Gaia Gold, Gaia Cash and Auto cash.

Gaia Online is predominantly targeted to teenagers, especially those who are into Animes. Comics also occupy the site regularly, with the protagonists appearing in various nooks and corners of Gaia Online.

So, if you’re looking for an absorbing location to meet new people and abscond on hassles of the real world for a while, Gaia Online can actually be a great place to hang on. Gaia Online is free to play and can be reachable at

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