Lady Popular – Amazing Casual Game

Lady Popular is a fashion (dress-up) casual game with a Bulgarian XS Software developer which was released in November 2009. It was created in 21 languages and you can find it at this site:

How To Play Lady Popular:

At the start of the game, the player will choose a “lady” to identify herself as a gamer. Then the player can style the lady through its makeup, hairstyle and any other form of appearances available in the game. The gamer can choose a style to the ‘lady’s’ outfit, hire a house and design it according to her liking.

The users can also share with other gamers while they are playing. They can chat and make comments with others when their ‘lady’ will go to her clubs, parties, doing duels at her Fashion hall. There will be a competitive game with “the most excellent” in all features of the game in terms of their apartment, beautiful lady, and party.

Before you can play the game, you must first register on the site. After registering, you can see tutorials on how the game will be played. A setting is also shown and there is also achievement rewards for your successful quests.

Features of Lady Popular Game:

City. This is where the gaming place is held. In the city, you can find many buildings like a beauty salon, malls, club, pet shop, party center, furniture shop and the Carnival. They can also apply for jobs where the ‘lady’ can have her own dollars.

Fashion Arena. In this point, they can get cash for their shopping activities. The player can level up to the next phase. Their lady can also choose from the many other players to compete with their popularity which is evaluated by their beauty, loyalty, style, devotion, creativity, and generosity.

Podium Challenge. In this game, contests are held every week or in a monthly duration. The ladies will compete with the most admired apartment, lady, and pets. In the fashion arena, the player does not compete with the most beautiful pet but rather it will be the most amazing party.

There are voting lots here from other players. It is here where the players will determine their rank, based on the highest number of votes from other players who voted for them. After the rewards are given, the challenge will reset back to ‘0’ votes, ready for the next contest.

Lady Clubs. Players joined with groups which will lead by the president of the club. The leader will then choose their opponent clubs to compete with the bonuses of the game and fight the opponent to get their trophy and bonuses of the enemies.

Parties. This is a party for the engagement of the lady. The players can create and design their own invitations. They can choose players they wanted to invite in their celebration. They can also use the ‘chats and vote’ activities of the game.

In fixing their parties, they can decorate the rooms, choose foods and drinks for catering and the players can even choose the outfit for their Lady and her fiancé.

Achievements of ‘Lady Popular’:

This game has won many awards. They became the first rank in being the best browser and the favorite community game in the years of 2010, 2011 and 2012. However, in 2013, they only won the best browser award. They also excel on other awards like the most popular and best in 2D from other casual games.

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