Poptropica Review: Online Role-Playing Game

Poptropica: a fun filled harmless games for kids and teenagers

poptropica logoPoptropica is a free online game designed for children between 6-15 years of age. In this game a player goes on a quest across different islands. In this role playing game, the principal character is to be created and is completely customizable. The name of this character is selected from a list that combines a noun and an adjective. This virtual game is played in Poptropica website.

This online game developed by Jeff Kinney is immensely popular with over 10 million players. In this game the players travel through islands named Big Nate, Wild West, Red Dragon and so on, navigating obstacles and solving problems. On overcoming these challenges, players are given credits with which they might buy gold cards or costumes. These costumes might be bought from Poptropica Shop which also sells books and other special abilities.

Customizer’ feature enables players to put on new outfits designed on different characters of Poptropica game. In the course for their quest, players might meet in ‘multiverses’, or specially designed rooms for chatting or exchanging ideas.

How to Play Poptropica?

To begin, the website of Poptropica needs to be accessed. For beginning to play, you should click on ‘play now’ button. Then a character should be created with which your quest begins across islands and overcoming challenges. For creating your character you need to select age and gender and thereafter adjust your physical appearance. Names of different islands appear on your screen, and for beginning your pursuit one of these islands is to be chosen. When the cursor is moved above your character (or avatar), it jumps; and if its clicked below, your avatar ducks.


Each island has its distinctive obstacles and challenges which change depending on your age. These obstacles need to be cleared either by jumping or ducking. Some items might be needed to be picked up by running through them. Picking up of items should be done by clicking on backpack icon. Once all the challenges in an island are overcome a medal is earned that offers island specific privileges to your character.

After each quest is completed you earn credit points that might be used for buying dresses and special effects. As you continue with your journey you could make new friends with other players at ‘multiverses’. These friends could be added to your list for future reference. For quitting, the ‘save’ icon appearing on lower right corner should be clicked. For resumption, user name and password are to be entered.

Poptropica Game Details:

  • Game was created by ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ author Jeff Kennedy in 2007 and developed by Pearson Education’s Family Education network;
  • Current version is 2.28.71;
  • Operating System: Android 4.1 and upwards, or iOS 8.0 and upwards;
  • Size: 110 MB;
  • Last update on 22nd June, 2017;
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Poptropica is a hugely popular game across nations and is appreciated because of its non-violent nature and harmless fun.

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