Smeet – Your 3D Social Game

Smeet is a 3D computer graphics based social networking game application that runs on a free browser. The application is developed by Smeet Communications, Berlin and founded in 2007. Smeet incorporates casual and social gaming adventures and conjures up virtual worlds in which various players can meet and communicate with their own avatars. In January 2017, Smeet has reached around 20 million registered subscriptions worldwide, who are constantly exploring this virtual reality available in 8 different languages.

Expectations from the game Smeet :

  • Free-to-Play , socially interactive browser game
  • Meet friends and other real people
  • Fully customizable avatars and characters
  • Other sophisticated inbuilt mini games

Technical know-hows:

In sharp contrast to other virtual life games, Smeet is completely based on a browser that has to support Flash; hence there is no need to download. Users can create an account, sign up on the destination page or get online via Facebook page. Users are then directed to a nationalized sub domain depending on their IP-address. Users in the same age group are maintained, thereby not mixing adults and minors.

The application is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above.

Main features and attributes :


  • Smeet’s unique 3D online worldallows users to create, design and modify their avatars to one’s own heart’s content.
  • It lets your creativity run wild in building and beautifying your fabricated3D home,
  • It invokes seasonal fashion and clothing styles and promotion of personal care like skin and hair treatments
  • It helps to performing playful household chores
  • It domesticates virtual pets, fantasy creatures, watering of plants, see them grow over time , etc
  • For those who are keen to savour the more extravagant, fanciful side of life, have options to purchase premium drool worthy contents with the in-game currency, sMeet coins.
  • It brings into foray a wide range of integrated browser games, casual cool games, and fun-filled Flash games and themed quizzes.
  • It enables you to play these games or quizzes with your friends, reach or overcome their scores, gather tons of points (Fame points) and prizes and go up the new higher levels, reach the highest scores, gain a heightened social status, and receive additional content from a variety of options and styles to design your own Avatar.
  • While not playing games, you can connect with your friends, using real phones in the midst of a game
  • You can log into the 3D chat community or public hang-outs, catch up with old acquaintances, or interact with a new real live group.
  • You can visit and watch online events and videos in a group, hit recreation clubs with friends you feel like going out, and enjoy various live events.
  • Chilling-out while listening to radio and music with mates.

There are a variety of possibilities which can be explored to garner partnerships with Smeet to impart users and customers with a unique interactive entertainment and communication experience. Major Smeet partners currently in the reckoning are Playbbg, qmpeople and Sponsorpay.

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