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Stardom: The A-List Review

stardom logoStardom: The A-List is a simulation game developed by Glu Mobile and playable on Android, iPad, and iPhone platforms. It was introduced in 2011 December using freemium business model. Though the game is free, players might use their Google Play or iTunes accounts for making in-game purchases of currency for buying special items thereby making the game easier.

In this game, the main character is created by the player similar to Lady Popular game. The game starts with this character moving to a rundown locality of a town. He or she gets introduced to a coffee shop where it is possible to work in exchange of cash. This character then chances upon a celebrity for supposedly flirting with the celebrity’s partner. Thereafter, this character hooks up with Arnie, a talent scout, to work in small budget films and commercials. The main character then discovers Charlene, an associate of Arnie, to work as the manager. As time passes this character gains popularity and begins receiving calls for performing in Broadway, New York City.

The character gradually becomes a superstar, and goes to the best parties in town, visits upscale restaurants, leading institutions, and film studios. Slowly and surely a set of admirers is created and the character ultimately becomes rich and famous.

Stardom Game Features

The salient features of Stardom free game are:

  • The principal character is totally customizable, and could be made up with latest style and fashion;
  • Entire Hollywood is owned by you with its film studios, clubs, and restaurants;
  • You could party in the best venues, stay in any exotic place of your choice, and dump or date any celebrity as to your liking;
  • Make an invitation to friends for exclusive parties, make them co-stars, and feature among the top 100 famous personalities;
  • Work on-set for earning a 5-star performance, get outstanding reviews, and have a huge fan following.

The game is free and players might purchase additional stars and cash or even earn currency through special offers. However this facility of purchasing in-game contents might be opted out.

Technical details of Stardom: The A-List

  • Size – 29MB;
  • Operating System – Android 2.1;
  • Latest version – 2.1.8;
  • Open network;
  • Access vibration feature;
  • Access information of networks;
  • Access information of Wi-Fi networks;
  • Integrated PowerManager WakeLocks to prevent screen from dimming or processor from sleeping;
  • Enables sending of in-application billing and managing these billing transactions;
  • ‘Read only’ access to device state;
  • Notification of finished booting by operating system;
  • Writing capability to external storage;
  • Verification of Google App Entitlements

Stardom: The A-List is a hugely popular game among teenagers and young adults. The uniqueness about this game is that every setting is life like and does not appear fictional. Every move seems natural and involvement of the player is total. It transports the player to a much fantasized film world and stardom. The glitz, fan following, parties, film studios, penthouses, and restaurants all appear real.

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